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Calming white wood master bedroom with grey and blue

Creating your bedroom

Your bedroom is not only the place where you sleep but it serves as an oasis, reading, relaxation, recharging,  and a space for romance.  Members of my family have also used bedrooms as a pouting room where they go to gain an appreciate their family members perspective on an issue.  Furniture Bazaar LI has many options to help transform your bedroom that suits your style and preferences. 

Have a goal to  create your bedroom so that it's beautiful, uncluttered, and calming.  Some people like purchasing bedroom sets so that the furniture matches, automatically creating a calm atmosphere.  Others, like mixing pieces using  an assortment of dressers, mirrors, and nightstands to add additional interest to their bedroom.  Furniture Bazaar LI has everything needed to help you create your perfect bedroom no matter your style or house decor. 

Furniture Bazaar LI offers many different styles of bedroom sets.  Since the  bed is usually the room’s focal point, decide if you want an upholstered headboard/footboard, paneling, or a wood carving detailing on the furniture.  Ensure you  measure the room to determine the size of the bed the room can handle.  Not all rooms can handle a king or queen sized bed.  You may want room on both sides of the bed  for an additional nightstand and to allow others to   move freely in an out of the bed. 

Be sure to ask what furniture is included in a 5 bedroom set you are considering. A 5 piece bedroom set normally includes a single nightstand.   Furniture Bazaar LI offers additional nightstands that either match or complement the selected 5 bedroom set.  You will also need to consider if you need a new mattress!  Generally speaking, a mattress should be replaced every 7 -10 years but this can vary based on the type of mattress.  A firmer mattress typically can last a bit longer but don’t let a mattress rob you of good night’s sleep! 

It is recommended to remove all the furniture in your bedroom prior to the delivery of your new furniture. 

Browse through Furniture Bazaar LI's  online store for bedroom options!  Furniture Bazaar LI helps you furnish your bedroom affordably. Finance plans are available at Furniture Bazaar. 


By: Jennifer Green

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