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Creating a Space for your Child - Part 1

Creating a Space for your Child - Part 1

As kids return to school after vacation and breaks, you may find your child needs to retreat to a quiet space they call their own once they finish their day.  Furniture Bazaar LI helps make planning a quiet place or oasis for your child fun and exciting.  Usually, this place is their bedroom.  You can create a beautiful, functional bedroom that you and your child will love now and into the future!  Furniture Bazaar LI has many options to choose from to plan the perfect oasis for your child! 

To start designing an oasis for your child's bedroom:

  1. Measure the room’s dimensions, width, length, and height. Be sure to measure the floor to measure the doors, windows  
  2. Use a piece of grid paper to map the length and width of the room, include windows and doors. 
  3. Create cut outs to use as  templates of the furniture that you want to include in the room
  4. Determine the star feature or  focal point for the room. Focal points in a bedroom is usually the bed.  For other rooms  it can be a built in architectural feature in the room like built in bookcases or a fireplace. 
  5. Make sure you create organized functional spaces in the rest of the room. Remember to think about organizing their toys and other materials. Consider creating area in the room for: 
  • Gaming
  • Studying 
  • Reading stories
  • Mindful meditation,  stretching, and yoga  
  • Playing games with their friends 

Bookcases and seating areas are important to include in your child's room for storage and entertaining friends! See Part 2 for additional information.  You can also ask for Decorating and Financing Services from Furniture Bazaar LI.


By: Jennifer Green

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