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The Family Table

The Family Table

Most of us shudder when we think of 2020 and the pandemic, but it did give us time with our family members within our household bubble. As kids return to school and parents return to work, everyone is busy with activities. What a great thing it would be to recreate family time every night for a family dinner!

Most of us return home to eat dinner. What better way to find out how everyone is doing and the events of their day and what is coming for the rest of the week by talking about it over a family dinner?

Preparing the family meal is also a great way to check in with each other and create a delicious meal! You can go to the store to get the ingredients, order from a meal prep website, like Blue Apron or Sun Basket, or order from your favorite takeout restaurant.

Having a basket on the counter where everyone can put their cell phones allows them to disconnect and focus on everyone at the table. People's tendency is to look at their chats, feeds, and social media updates. It may be difficult for everyone at first but in the end its well worth it!

After everyone is seated at the table, you can talk to everyone about their day. Some conversations can include:

What are you most grateful today?

What happened to day that made you happy or really sad?

Are you proud of anything that you did today?

Did you talk to anyone outside your friend group today?

Did you approach them first?

Are there any events that are happening tomorrow that you are excited or nervous about?

Finding time to continue to bond together as a family is well worth the effort. Some of us many find it hard to get back in the "swing" of things again and will hopefully appreciate suggestions and guidance!

By Jennifer Green 

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