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White bar for home entertaining

Add a Bar for Home Entertaining

Your home bar automatically creates a gathering place for your friends and family and can be turned into a favorite party spot!  With the 2022 SuperBowl and the Olympics closely following, this is the year when you will want to invite your close friends for a get together to watch the sporting events.  A bar can be located in a corner of your living space, dining area, basement, or oasis!  Home bars can also save money because you are supplying the food and drinks.  Typically, bars in the home are called wet bars.  Furniture LI has a number of home wet bar options that will fit into your home decor! 

After purchasing your home wet bar you may want to stock it with alcoholic beverages with an array of mixers and cocktail making equipment.  If you get a refrigerator for your home bar, you may want to stock it with a variety of craft beers.  To have the essential liquor for your bar, you may want to consider stocking it with: 

  • Scotch and Rye whisky 
  • Vodka 
  • Dark and white rum 
  • Tequila 
  • Gin
  • Sweet and dry vermouth 
  • White and red wines 

For making cocktails, you may also want to purchase essential cocktail mixer tools, a jigger, shaker, strainer, bar spoon, and 6oz bar glasses.  These should give you everything you need to create a great mixed drink! Look through these listings for a signature drink for your Superbowl party  and the Winter Olympics.  Think about serving your signature drinks in attractive copper mugs! 

Serving great food is also needed to go with your drinks!  You can always create a charcuterie board with your favorite array of hard, soft and spreadable cream cheeses, olives, meats,  jellies, and crackers. Watch this video on creating meat roses for your charcuterie board!  Also, cooking your own appetizers, chili, or entrees are options as well! 

Furniture LI has many different styles of bars and seating.  Click for the options at Furniture LI. 


By:  Jennifer Green