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Collection of beds and dressers from Furniture Bazaar LI

Creating a Space for your Child - Part 2

Camo Bunk Bed

This continues information from the Furniture Bazaar LI blog post on Creatng a Space for your Child = Part 1. This blog provides information for: 

  • Selecting a Bed
  • Selecting a Dresser 
  • Choosing a desk and/or storage 

Selecting a Bed  

The focal point or largest piece of furniture in your child’s room is, of course, the bed. Furniture Bazaar LI has a large number of bunk and single bedding options for your child’s bedroom.  

Bunk Beds
Camo Bunk Bed

 A bunk bed can be a central feature of your child’s ideal oasis!  Bunk beds can readily be turned into cool forts  Bunk beds allow for either two standard twin mattresses or full size on the bottom bunk with a twin bed on the top.   Bottom full-sized beds allow for cuddle time and story reading time.  Furniture Bazaar LI has a wide variety of bunk beds for your consideration including the following options:  

  • Twin or full mattress on the bottom bunk 
  • Placement of ladder with steps with pull out drawers for extra storage 
  • Under-bed storage included or bins for toys and/or out of season clothing 
  • Removing the top bed leaving the bottom bunk (This is a great option once your child matures out of the bunk bed stage)  

Kids' bedrooms tend to be smaller in size so it's important to keep the walls a neutral color, bring color in with pillows, curtains, and of course toys!. Be creative with the space.  Look for bins or under-bed storage pull-outs to contain things like stuffed toys, plastic figurines, leggos, dress-up clothes, out-of-season clothing, and dolls.  You can also purchase stairs to add to the side of bunk beds that will give additional built-in storage.  You can also get bunk beds that allow the flexibility to separate bunk beds into standalone beds.  Check out the many bunk beds options at Furniture Bazaar LI or twin bed options by selecting what you would like to add to your child's room! 

Bunk beds are kid-friendly for having friends over for a sleepover, draping an extra sheet for a cozy fort.  Bunk beds allow for extra vertical storage.  Furniture Bazaar LI offers different styles that allow for either a twin or full-size mattress on the bottom and the conventional twin on top.  Extra storage underneath the bottom bunk allows you to store toys or some extra bins of off-season clothing. 

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Regular Beds

Sample Dark Brown Boys Room

Kids like the feel of a grown-up bed.  A grown-up bed can be a great alternative and can stay with your child for a lifetime!  Usually, a twin or full-size bed is appropriate for growing kids.  



Selecting a Dresser

Dressers are always welcome in bedrooms to keep things organized that are not hung up in the closet!  It allows most kids to start doing chores by putting their own clothes in the easier-to-reach drawers.  Remember to be consistent when organizing your child’s clothing in their dresser.  This enables your child to find the clothing they need quickly and helps with their organizational skills!  All family members are in a rush to get their day started in the morning; laying out clothes the night before speeds up the morning to get everyone out the door! 

If your child climbs furniture, it is extremely important to attach the dresser to the wall to prevent it from falling on your child!  Furniture Bazaar LI  will help you protect your child from unexpected falling furniture!  

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Choosing Desks and Storage 

Where does your child study?  At the kitchen table, kitchen bar, or desk in their bedroom?  It depends on what your child needs, their age, and if they don’t get distracted while doing their homework.  If your child is self-driven and works to complete work by themselves, a desk and a good desk chair in their room is probably the best solution since it gives them a place to spread out and get their work done.  It helps them feel confident in their work and lets you fix a sit down dinner!  

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Bookshelves add interest to the room and are great for organizing!  If your child is younger, you can get bins to put on the shelves to organize dolls, plastic figurines, stuffed toys, and other collections important to your child.   Bins that are clear or that can be labeled and relabeled are good choices since they can be changed as your child's interests change  If you put a desk in their room, you may want to add a bookcase and a rolling cart to organize their pencils, pens, marks, rulers, tape, index cards, and staplers.  The rolling cart is a good solution if they move spots within your home.  

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Creating an area where your child can study or be creative is a great addition to your home!  Let Furniture Bazaar LI help you and your child with your vision for creating an oasis for your child!  Furniture Bazaar LI offers assistance for financing and selecting furniture options for your child's room. 

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By: Jennifer Green

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